Irma was a monster hurricane, but after several days without power or internet, we are back on the air!  Damage, yes, but not enough to keep us down!  God is good.

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Here She Comes! It’s Irma!

Hurricane Irma is on her way - - and she's headed right towards US!  So, in order to preserve our lives and well being, as well as equipment, we are going to be packing it up, and pulling the plugs.  JesusRadioWorldwide will be off the air for several days, until it is safe for us to return to our home, and start her up again!  Thanks for your understanding.  We would appreciate any prayers also.  Pray for minimal damage and no loss of life.

~ Jim & Arlene Channell
Hurricane Irma

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A New Sunday Addition!

Jesus Radio Worldwide is pleased to announce the addition of 

Pastor James Doeble of Naples Christian Church

to our great Sunday lineup!  Tune in on Sundays and feed on God's word with great biblical teaching from these gifted teachers and speakers.

Welcome, Pastor Jim!  Jim Doeble

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24 – 7 Christian Music!

For the next several days, JesusRadioWorldwide will be performing much needed updates to our system. You can still find us online, and listen to great music, but there will not be daily live shows. We'll be back with you as soon as we can. Meanwhile, enjoy the music!

Arlene and Jim

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Here in Florida, USA

LIghtening- florida

Remember, we are broadcasting from Florida, in the USA, and this time of year we get a lot of storms. I mean, a LOT. That means that occasionally we may lose power or services. Our technology is still subject to the weather....and so if we disappear from the air, rest assured it is for a short time, - we didn't leave town! We'll be back as soon as the issues are resolved. A little lightening and thunder, - or even a LOT of lightening and thunder, will not stop HIS message from going forth!

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Just a little update – be right back…..

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Finally! We are able to stream again….



It has been so much longer than we had anticipated (thank you, Centurylink), but we are again on the air, 24-7, with your favorite contemporary Christian music from the last 50 years and last week!  Great sermons and programs to help grow your faith and Christian content throughout the day.  Thanks for staying with us!  

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It’s Taking Longer…..

It's taking longer than we planned on, when we scheduled our move.  Apparently, we can't get the appropriate services when they were promised.....so, all we can do is wait.  A few more days at most, and we'll be BACK ON THE AIR!  We didn't go away, we will return!sundial

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Jesus and Fish
NO SUNDAY SERMONS - March 5, 2017
We are sorry that we will not be able to run any of the great teaching and sermons that we normally have, on Sunday March 5th. It's all because of our move, and we hope everything will be back to normal soon! Moving is hard!

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Yes, JesusRadioWorldwide will be moving. We'll be busy, but the music will still be playing...until the day we move equipment. We will probably be off the air for a very short time, but after that we'll be back just the same. We're NOT going away! Thanks for staying with us!

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