Merry Christmas, 2018!

Jim and Arlene want to wish you all a VERY Merry and blessed Christmas day, remembering our Lord and looking forward to the day we are reunited with Him! Be safe, be joyful, glorify God in all you do, and be wrapped in His love.

Traditional Christian Christmas Nativity Scene

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We Must Do a Quick Update

We'll be off air for just a short time. Be right back!

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GOODBYE, 2018!

The year's not quite over....yet.  Like many of you, we are NOT sorry to say 'Goodbye!' to the year 2017!

This was our year:
     March: we had to move our studios, and you all know how complicated and tedious it can be to move to a brand new location and set up things differently than the way with which we were
     July and August: We experienced a death in the family - Arlene's father, and time away from the studio for travel and memorial services.
     September: We had Hurricane Irma, and like many of you in our local area, we had some losses and damage. We lost windows on both studios, and although our equipment was covered, electronics do not fare well with moisture! We are facing the reality of having to replace two computers, a console, and office furniture .
     Many days off-air, from the move, Hurricane Irma, and damage.

We currently have listeners in 148 countries, about 3,000 cities worldwide, - about 3/4 of the world - and listeners in every state of the USA.  We have let our Lord lead our movements since we began this ministry. So far, He has given no indication that we are to stop. We can reach worldwide and do many things in a very cost effective way, but we do need that support to continue.
As we return to 'normal' and the year's end, we turn to YOU, our faithful friends and listeners, for your prayers and financial support. Now more than ever, JesusRadioWorldwide needs to trust God that good people like you will be generous and willing to help keep us on the air and internet.


Your Prayers - that many more souls will one day be in heaven because of the work of JesusRadioWorldwide!

New Equipment to replace that which was most severely damaged in Hurricane Irma

Monthly Support - which will ensure the continued presence of JesusRadioWorldwide on the internet

Please prayerfully consider a year end, tax deductible gift. 

Our address:   PO Box 8701, Naples, FL  34101

Or use the "Donate" button on our webpage to make a secure gift with credit card, debit card, or Paypal.  

Happy and Blessed New Year!

Jim's favorite food in the whole world - Portillo's, Chicago, 2012

Jim & Arlene Channell

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Irma was a monster hurricane, but after several days without power or internet, we are back on the air!  Damage, yes, but not enough to keep us down!  God is good.

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Here She Comes! It’s Irma!

Hurricane Irma is on her way - - and she's headed right towards US!  So, in order to preserve our lives and well being, as well as equipment, we are going to be packing it up, and pulling the plugs.  JesusRadioWorldwide will be off the air for several days, until it is safe for us to return to our home, and start her up again!  Thanks for your understanding.  We would appreciate any prayers also.  Pray for minimal damage and no loss of life.

~ Jim & Arlene Channell
Hurricane Irma

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A New Sunday Addition!

Jesus Radio Worldwide is pleased to announce the addition of 

Pastor James Doeble of Naples Christian Church

to our great Sunday lineup!  Tune in on Sundays and feed on God's word with great biblical teaching from these gifted teachers and speakers.

Welcome, Pastor Jim!  Jim Doeble

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24 – 7 Christian Music!

For the next several days, JesusRadioWorldwide will be performing much needed updates to our system. You can still find us online, and listen to great music, but there will not be daily live shows. We'll be back with you as soon as we can. Meanwhile, enjoy the music!

Arlene and Jim

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Here in Florida, USA

LIghtening- florida

Remember, we are broadcasting from Florida, in the USA, and this time of year we get a lot of storms. I mean, a LOT. That means that occasionally we may lose power or services. Our technology is still subject to the weather....and so if we disappear from the air, rest assured it is for a short time, - we didn't leave town! We'll be back as soon as the issues are resolved. A little lightening and thunder, - or even a LOT of lightening and thunder, will not stop HIS message from going forth!

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Just a little update – be right back…..

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Finally! We are able to stream again….



It has been so much longer than we had anticipated (thank you, Centurylink), but we are again on the air, 24-7, with your favorite contemporary Christian music from the last 50 years and last week!  Great sermons and programs to help grow your faith and Christian content throughout the day.  Thanks for staying with us!  

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