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  1. STan colcombe says:

    Arlene, I think it was a very good job today. Carol is taking good care of me. Will be home tomorrow. best to jim. Love, dad

  2. keijo leppioja says:

    Amen for the truth with us by Christ and only by him we can be saved in bloods victory and be born again in the Holy Spirit to enter in us to help and winning many resistence forcess in Jeus name love our the bible daily,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden

  3. George says:

    Hi Jim,

    At the end of my recent $10 fare from RSW, you handed me a stack of your CDs, including the Elvis Rockumentary. I just wanted to thank you for this incredible gift! I have enjoyed all the CDs and shared them with my family, but the Elvis Rockumentary has been a big thrill and absolute delight. I can’t thank you enough for your generous sharing of this incredible gift. As a result, I have purchased Elvis’ Ultimate Gospel CD to continue my new-found appreciation of Elvis’ love of gospel music. Thanks very much for your excellent production and interviews, and for passing it on to me.

    Your friend and admirer,


  4. Connie Mcnair says:

    Dear Jim:
    It has been a rough day, and when I got to my mailbox low and behold, there was your CDs of the Top Hits from the 90s and what a joy to receive them. I am so thankful for you sending me them, and I think and pray for your often. Say Hello to Arlene, and tell her that her work is amazing. I give thanks for your faithfulness.
    Listening in Santa Cruz, California,
    Connie McNair
    former morning show host on Praise FM 89.5

    • Arlene says:

      Thanks Connie! It means a lot to Jim that you enjoy the CD’s. Thank you for your kind words! God has been VERY good to us. We think about you often, and look forward to the next visit…

  5. Дмитрий says:

    Hello dear friends!

    I am very pleased that you can share a link to the flow through the social network VKontakte.

    Thank you for your service and excellent Christian music. I listen to you with great pleasure through the Internet in Russia

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