Jim Channell

Air Personality

Formerly WSRX & host of Classic Christian Gold




Jim's Career Capsule
Worked in rock n' roll radio for 12 years in the following markets: Wichita, St. Louis, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Chicago. In 1975 was voted by Billboard Magazine as one of the top 4 DJ's in America as "Captain Whammo" - WMET Chicago

Accepted Jesus as personal savior November 5th, 1978 and gave up rock n' roll radio, despite 4 very lucrative offers after that In 1980 Got first job in Christian radio and has dedicated my abilities to Jesus ever since.

Hosted "Christian Countdown America" for 10 years and saw over 3,000 salvations. Programmed the original WCFL in downtown Chicago, - when it was Christian - to have more listeners during music hours than any Christian station in America!

For the past 14 years has shared Jesus in the morning at Praise FM in Naples, FL. Has shared his testimony at over 500 church meetings, retreats, benefits, and banquets. Jim's testimony has been shared on Billy Graham's "Hour of Decision", D. James Kennedy's Telecast, The 700 Club, Unshackled, Nightsounds, a Moody Chapel Service, The Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, and Moody Radio Network worldwide.


  1. Recently you ended a long run at WSRX in Naples, how did that come to end?

WSRX (89.5 Praise FM) was purchased by WAY-FM after WAY FM sold WAYJ/Ft Myers to public radio and the entire staff of WSRX was laid off after 17 years of ministry.


  1. A lot of other radio people find themselves in the same situation as you currently are, what's the first thing you do as you start searching for new employment?

First, you pray for God’s direction and then step out and follow God’s leading.  I’m happy to be forgiven – anything else in ministry is a bonus!


  1. How do you prepare yourself for this circumstance?

You prepare by always remembering just how faithful God has always been and remembering miracle after miracle in your life.  God is Faithful – trust in HIM.


  1. How do you keep yourself motivated through these times?

My goal each and every day, is to be in the center of God’s will for my life. Let HIM lead!


  1. Where do you think Christian stations should look to find new talent?

I would look at Christian Universities and Bible Schools; ie: Moody, to find announcers grounded in the bible, and then teach them how to be Christ-honoring DJ’s.  The night I got saved, I turned on a Christian station, and I’m thankful that Moody radio was true to their call.  My wife, Arlene, got saved listening to my show and a Michael W. Smith song, “Place in this World”.


  1. What promotion are you most proud of at WSRX?

A few years ago, Amy Grant was in concert in Tampa.  We had a write-in contest, “Why I want to go to Amy’s concert”.  A winner was chosen, and we hired a limo service for the 2 hour ride to Tampa, had dinner in Sarasota at the Outback restaurant and the winners had front row seats.


  1. As someone who also some a considerable time in secular radio, what advice would you have for someone looking to make the jump to Christian radio?

God gave you your talent; dedicate that talent and ability back to Him for His honor and glory – and – store up treasures in heaven.


  1. How do feel about the trend for more Christian radio being centralized and not local?

As long as Jesus is lifted up, that’s what really matters. Remember, the night I got saved, I turned on the radio in my car, looking for the truth.  I had a great time living the Devil’s lie, and at the lowest moment of my life, I’m forever grateful that WMBI in Chicago was sharing “THE TRUTH.”


  1. You also host the syndicated show Classic Christian Gold, describe the program and how can a station air it?

Classic Christian Gold is a weekly 1-hour syndicated program.  We’ve recorded 170 different and original programs, where we share Jesus, play great music, have interviews, share artist bio information – and also an invitation to accept Jesus is on every program.

God has opened up stations in Africa, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, France, The U.K., Alaska, Canada, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Japan, and the USA.

Just email me at classicchristian@aol.com or call 239-774-0662 to add the program, or for demos or questions.


  1. Where do you see Jim Channell in 5 years?

My heart’s desire 5 years from now, is to be right in the center of “God’s” will for my life, no matter what, no matter where.


3-2-12 From HisAir.net

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