We believe in God as He has revealed Himself in the Bible.  We believe that He created all things, including us,  and  He is passionately interested and involved in our lives.

We believe that the Bible is His inspired word written to us for our benefit, and that within it's pages exist absolute truth.

We believe that God is able and eager to forgive all of our sins, and that this is accomplished through the salvation offered by Jesus, the Son of God.

We believe all who claim Jesus Christ as the Son of God and their Savior have  become our brothers and sisters in the family of God our Father.  We join together with other believers in love to accomplish God’s will on earth knowing that we will spend eternity together with Jesus.

We believe that the Good News of God’s love found in Jesus Christ is to be shared with all people because God loves everyone and wants them to come into relationship with Him.

We want to uphold the biblically correct over politically correct, truth over comfort, God's word over popular opinion, and God's principles over marketing trends.


2 Responses to We Believe…

  1. Carole Mathis says:

    i was a faithful listener of Praise FM and attended the farewell gathering honoring Jim, Arlene and the other members of the team for that ministry. Since I work, I haven’t really been able to listen to this station in the mornings. But, when trying to get my files organized this morning, I came across an email sent by Team Channell in 2012 letting their listeners know they were lead by God to start Jesus Radio Worldwide.com. Then God lead me to tune in and, wow, how I was uplifted listening to the wonderful Christian music I heard. Thank you for following God’s will and sharing one of your spiritual gifts with the world.

    • Arlene says:

      Yay! I’ve thought about you often, since we lost touch. So glad you were able to tune in and that you liked it! That encourages us so much!


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