CLASSIC CHRISTIAN GOLD Saturday at Noon and Midnight!

Live show weekdays starting at Noon - 3 (EST) show with Arlene and Jim.
Followed by one hour of Classic Christian Gold All repeated starting at Midnight EST, Monday through Friday.

Classic Christian Gold featured Saturdays Noon and Midnight EST

Jim's time is very limited right now; his job demands a lot of hours. . . but he'll be on more as soon as time permits

We want to offer thanks to God Almighty, and His Son who brought us salvation. In addition, we have added a page of "Thanks" in which we get to honor and appreciate all those people who have helped us to follow our calling, with much-needed prayer and financial support.

Thank you for tuning in as we develop our music playlist and make preparations to go "live." We welcome your prayers and comments, which you can offer at

And always, we will offer the very best contemporary Christian music found anywhere in the universe, current hits, bonus CD cuts, recent hits, and Classic Christian Gold.

Jesus Radio Worldwide aspires to be a Christ-honoring, non-denominational, biblically correct part of your life.

~Jim & Arlene Channell

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