Sunday Programming

We have some great things going on here on Sundays. We want to have LOTS of ministry on Sunday, and we’re starting to fill up the hours.
At 8 am and 8 pm, Dr. Petterson gives a powerful, bible based sermon laced with history and teaching.
At 9 am, we hear a potent message from the Pastors at Family Church on Marco Island, FL.

At 4 pm, Dr. Palmer and Hal Green talk about basic Bible truths in a casual format.

And, at 7:30 pm, we have “Man 2 Man” hosted by Rick Barone, a program in which Rick interviews men with powerful testimonies.

We think we have a GREAT start to Christ-honoring Sunday programs, and we invite you to join us and listen in on Sundays as we preach, teach, witness and learn….here on Jesus Radio Worldwide.

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